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Contact Free Access Control System

Motwane's SmartAccess is a Contact Free Access Control System used for:

  • Daily face identification
  • Contact free attendance
  • Temperature detection
  • Biometric access control

This equipment comes with touch free face recognition technology and the functions namely fever detection and masked individual identification can eliminate hygiene concerns effectively. The device will restrict the entry of the person if the detected temperature is abnormal. A voice warning also alerts others about the risk. This can be widely used in places such as factories, IT parks, offices, customs, airport, school and hospital for inspection and quarantine.


It takes barely 3 seconds to recognize your face and create attendance journal in the payroll system, saving precious man-hours


Automatically scans multiple employees, with 99.8% accuracy in face detection. Faces once recognised are accurately enrolled into the payroll system


SmartAccess! makes data available in real-time and synchronizes the data without a time-lag. This real-time monitoring helps to optimize workforce and other resources


Integrated with systems like loT sensors, it cannot be scammed easily. RamcoGEEK! works offline too, useful in locations without Internet access


Saving time will lead to an increase in productivity, resulting in reduction of cost (optimal utilization of resources) and an increase in revenue


Readymade integration with Ramco’s HR and Payroll modules and other modules as well unlike other time marking systems that require efforts to develop integration components


The system ensures that there are no concerns regarding hygiene and cleanliness unlike biometric systems which has devices requiring physical contact

Key Features
  • Built-in contactless high-precision thermal imaging module + living body detection in one
  • Temperature detection range 35 ℃ ~42 ℃. Accuracy ± 0.3 ℃
  • Support body temperature detection
  • Support mask detection, detect whether the person carries the mask
  • Built-in learning face recognition algorithm, stable and reliable
  • Support 50,000 face database
  • 100 milliseconds fast recognition
  • 7 inch HD LCD display
  • Local voice alarm after abnormal temperature
  • Industry ultra-thin all-metal housing
  • Can record identification information and body temperature information, save traceability
  • Excellent environmental adaptability, adapt to low light and strong backlight, support automatic exposure of face
  • Support Wiegand protocol, can directly drive access control, and control various gates
  • The maximum output resolution is 1920 × 1080@30 fps, the picture quality is delicate Contact
  • Compact


  • Slim


  • Low Maintenance


Switch to Contact Less Access Control System

Smart Biometric Attendance System with face identification & temprature detection

Technical Specification

Range 35-42(℃)
Accuracy ±0.3(℃)
Distance 0.3-0.8m
Response time <300ms
Lens 4.5mm
Camera Binocular camera supports live detection
Chipset Hi3516DV300
Effective pixel 2 Megapixel,1920*1080
System Linux operation system
View angle Vertical±40degree
Recognition Time <300ms
Internet interface RJ4510M/100MEthernet
Alarm output 1 channel relay output
Power input DC 12V/3A
Power consumption 5W (MAX)
Working temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Humidity 5~90%,nocondense
Dimension 125(W)*215(H)*20(L)mm
Weight 2kg

Key application area

  • Energy efficient
    IT Park
    Energy efficient
    IT Park
  • Energy efficient
    Energy efficient
  • Energy efficient
    Sea ports
    Energy efficient
    Sea ports
  • Energy efficient
    Railway Station
    Energy efficient
    Railway Station