Tridefence Tripod

Tridefence is a tripod turnstile with sanitizer dispenser that assures optimal disinfection of hands and allows man less entry. It also helps in fight with current epidemic covid-19 by assuring disinfectant of hand of every person at the entrance.

Electromechanical Tripod

Motwane Electromechanical Tripod is an ideal solution for the reliable management of a large number of people. Its compact design saves space with diverse potential of integration to look and feel of your lobby or building.

Electromechanical Tripod with Drop arm

Motwane's Electromechanical Tripod with Drop arm is a complete access control point, which restricts access to secured zones. This system offers swift, consistent and easy-to-use manned solutions to regulate the flow of people even at the busiest of times.

Motorized Tripod with Drop Arm

Motwane's Motorised Tripod with Drop arm with BLDC motor technology is designed for convenience of operation. Its bidirectional operation permits a single turnstile to act as an entrance as well as an exit. The barrier is compliant with fire safety requirements, and allows free passage during a power outage.

Motorized P Type Swing gate

The Motwane P-type swing gate is the simplest and most affordable way to provide access control to trolleys, material and people with special needs and disabilities. This equipment offers the latest PWM technology, which allows push button control and easy interface with varied entrance control systems.

Elegant EM / Motorized Tripod with Drop arm

Motwane’s Elegant Electromechanical / Motorized Tripod with Drop arm comes with advance technology for convenient operation for access. It’s Bi-directional operation permits a single turnstile to act as a both entrance and exit. The barrier is complying with fire safety requirements, which allows free passage during power outage.

Swing Lane Flap Barrier

Motwane’s Swing Lane Flap Barrier is extremely graceful, elegant and secured entry equipment; designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas. It provides an ideal contact less solution for admission control with high aesthetic and comfort requirements.

Retractable Flap Barrier

The only thing more attractive than the elegant design of Motwane Retractable Flap Barrier, is its efficiency. This product has been designed to protect restricted areas from the entry or exit of pedestrians. It provides an ideal contactless solution for admission control for those looking for aesthetics and comfort.

Full Height Turnstiles

The Motwane Full Height Turnstile is engineered to maximize safety in high-profile areas. It comprises an electromechanical head assembly with rotor, logic control unit and damper, to offer trouble-free action in the most unfavorable environments.

Boom Barrier 3 / 3E / 4.5 / 4.5E / 6 / 6E meter

Motwane's Boom Barriers offer trustworthy security to entry and exit points of toll plazas, hotels, IT parks and residential buildings. Its motorized mechanism operates seamlessly in a continuous duty cycle.

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