Safety Guide

Safety Solutions Guide for Organisations for Sustainability Post Lockdown

In this blog, we have shared expert tips and solutions, reduce the risk from any contamination at your factory / office premises and ensure safety and wellbeing of your employees.

Top Safety Tips & Solutions from Motwane that may help to keep your workplace ready post lockdown

1. Implement the social distancing policy in the company's transport services used by employees

If your company is offering bus rides to employees, then limit the number of people per ride. Seating on the bus need to be arranged so that every employee keeps at least one and a half metre of distance from each other. Also, ensure the employees are wearing masks and gloves on the bus to avoid directly touching any surface which may be infected.

2. Use of automated contactless barriers for entry and exit of the vehicles

Contactless barriers can enhance the security of the premises and may also restrict the spread of the infection from one surface to another. It can save time and requirement of human intervention ensuring convenience and enhanced security to the premises.

3. Use of temperature scanners at the entrance of office/factory premises

The temperature scanners have been an excellent handy tool to quickly diagnose emplyees with higher body temperature and may be possible carriers. Make it compulsory mandatory for employees to get scanned before entry in the premises of the building.

4. Automatic gates/access control system with Sanitizer dispenser at every entry/exit points to avoid security check ques

A great solution to avoid human contact at entry and exit points. Automatic gates/access control system with sanitizer dispenser also serves an efficient solution to avoid security breach cases and will restrict the passage of any unauthorised visitors who may be a carrier, knowingly or unknowingly. Automatic gates / access control systems till now served as an efficient solution to avoid any security breach. Installing it with a senitizer dispenser may also help in keeping the workers senitized. As it restricts the user to pass until they senitize their hands.

5. Use of face readers instead of finger reader for attendance to avoid touch

Biometric attendance or access system will become an important tool to avoid contact. To enable contactless access and attendance record, a biometric face reader is an ideal solution. It will also enhance the security of your premises with advanced up-to-date technology.

6. Provisions for staff to frequently wash or sanitise hands

Washing hands frequently remains one of the top solutions to avoid getting infected and stopping the spread of the contagious virus. It has been recommended by WHO and health experts to wash hands frequently. Hence installing a portable washbasin in the office building premises will help and remind employees/contractors/workers to wash their hands frequently. If it is not feasible to install a washbasin then a sanitiser is an alternative solution. In bank and retail outlets which are already crunched for space putting a sanitizer for the employees and customers is recommended.

7. Frequent sanitisation of work stations and production areas and mandatory for employees to wear appropriate protective gear

Office and manufacturing premises have common areas like conference rooms, machines rooms which are used and operated by many employees. To contain the spread of the virus make it mandatory for everyone to wear appropriate protective gear. Minimum of mask and pair of gloves need to be provided to employees to keep the surfaces contamination free. There are several germ hot stops like office equipment, doorknobs, water filter, coffee machine, conference room, building lift etc. The frequency of cleaning the of such hot spots need to increase as a precaution measure to contain the spread of the virus.

8. Staff training and indicating markings on how far the workers can go while working on the machine or assembly line

Following the above point of protective gear, social distancing, prohibition on casual gathering are some of the safety initiatives need to be implemented amongst employees at the workplace. A training session can be conducted for the employees on the post lockdown safety measures. To avoid any contamination to the machine areas or sensitive areas like where food production or packaging is happening, marking of lines or squares will help inculcate discipline amongst the employees and contractors. For meetings and group discussions, video or phone conference needs should be used and use of meeting rooms and conference rooms should be avoided.

9. Use of automated access and security control system (instead of the security guard) to Block/Secure the most critical zones

We have heard and experienced cases of trespassing to critical sections of the commercial premises a lot and many a time unintentionally. During this risky period, it is extremely important to secure and restrict unauthorised entry which may jeopardise the safety and security of the employees and company operations. It is difficult to man the gates every second of the day but having a fool proof system of automated access will ensure only authorised personnel are coming inside the premises.

Make Safety of your Organisation and Employees a priority by implementing the above workplace readiness tips and solutions by Motwane post lockdown. The current pandemic situation will hopefully soon improve with our joint support and co-operation to the Government measures. Do keep in mind that post the lockdown we all still need to continue with the preventive measures to ensure the safety of our employees and work together to rise from the economic downfall and recession challenge which has enforced upon us due to COVID-19 pandemic.




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