Deciding on the perfect turnstile for your individual project can feel like a challenging or even...


Deciding on the perfect turnstile for your individual project can feel like a challenging or even scary process. Which turnstile is best for the effective management of large crowds? Which product supports different levels of security controls? And what if my site is in a location with extreme climate conditions? Don’t worry! At Motwane, we understand that every site requirement is unique, and thus offer the flexibility of customised solutions for all our clients. Feel free to contact us and discuss all your questions with our team.

Key parameters to select your turnstile solution

In general, you can differentiate between two areas during the process of finding an optimal solution:

The product demand, and its installed location.

  • Choose according to site – Another key component in the decision-making process is an in-depth analysis of the application site. As a thumb rule, you can differentiate between three key site requirements:
    • Venues that need to be allowed to enter – Such as factories, clubs, office buildings, community buildings, universities, schools, etc.
    • Venues that need to charge for ticket inspection – Such as cinemas, subways, concert venues, scenic spots, museums, etc.
    • Venues that have high demand for security levels – Such as banks, warehouses, prisons, research labs, hospitals, etc.

In addition, other indications in the form of budget limits, particular challenging weather environments, or aesthetic design requirements might impact your final choice of turnstile models.

Our teams are looking forward to support you in finding the best security system! 

No matter your project size or location, at Motwane, we sincerely believe in delivering the best possible Entrance Control Solutions for your needs. Always putting our customers first, Motwane’s products are the result of continuous Research & Development around actual use cases and requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!