Metal Detector

Motwane’s range of Metal Detectors, such as the Door Frame Metal Detector, and Handheld Metal Detector, are vital components for a complete security solution to prevent crime and theft. Ensuring the accurate detection of restricted and prohibited items, all our products are designed to be robust, reliable, and long-lasting.

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    Protect your Investment

    Motwane’s Service Professionals are trained to support you during technical breakdowns, and provide the necessary assistance for challenges stemming from local usage conditions or product wear and tear. In addition, Motwane offers specialized maintenance contracts for a variety of client requirements, keeping individual operating conditions, location, usage patterns, and the installed base size in mind.

    Trained by our in-house Customer Excellence Department, Motwane’s teams of engineers is locally available to reduce travel time. As a result, our pan India presence ensures that your site is always serviced with the fastest possible turnaround-time, and the latest technical expertise to maintain maximum uptime.