Door Frame Metal Detector

Motwane’s Door Frame Metal Detectors are essential for a comprehensive security solution. Implemented across a wide range of sectors and industries – such as malls, hospitals, residential and commercial complexes, airports, movie theatres, and data centres, among others – Motwane offers its Door Frame Metal Detector in different models to address every possible requirement with the most accurate precision. Equipped with six detection zones, all Motwane Door Frame Metal Detectors products can discover even the finest metal particles. In case of a positive detection, the product will initiate a combined sound and LED light alarm, supporting in the clear location identification of the material. 

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Built with superior materials, the Motwane Speed Barrier is packed with features that effortlessly combine style with functionality.


Detecting Zones: Six overlapping detecting zones that are as tall as the examinee show the precise position of any target metal immediately.


Alarm Sound & LED Lights: Instant alerts through sound and LED lights across the detector frame enable security personnel to react fast.


Blind Spot Detection: Four emitters match with the receivers’ opposite, eliminating any possible blind spots.


Adjustable Sensitivity: Each area’s sensitivity can be flexibly adjusted from 0 to 255. This flexibility allows metal detector to focus in on smaller items such as coins, keys, buckle, etc.


Statistics Functionality: Counting of numbers such as passed examinees or alarm times.


Parallel Operation: The gate is able to perform in isolation as well as in collaboration with the same model (in this case, the distance between each unit must be more than 40 cm) to tackle big crowds.


Human Safety: The gate is safe for people with cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women, or sensitive material such as (video) tapes.


Convenient Installation: Through its integrated design, the product can be assembled or disassembled within 20 minutes.


Password Protection: Only authorized personnel can operate the product.


Location Signal Display Light: The responses of each zone are displayed separately by LED’s and Sound alarms in the location where the metal was detected. The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted individually.

Technical Specification


Door Frame Metal Detector
Operating Voltage AC 110V to 230V,50 Hz.
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 70°C
Humidity  95% Non-Condensing
Weight 50 kg
Passage Clearance 0
External Dimensions 2200mm(H)*820mm(W)*550mm(D) ±5%

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    The right turnstile for you?

    Every Physical Entrance Control solution must be seamlessly embedded in its unique environment to guarantee maximum protection and optimal safety management. To determine the required level of security, various factors have to be considered, including product size, criticality of operation, expected throughput and volume use, available supervision, and size of the entrance passage. Motwane offers solutions that span various levels of security, such as the range of Tripod Turnstiles, Boom Barriers, Flap Barriers, Full-Height Turnstiles, and Security Portals/Mantraps . Particularly, the Full-Height Turnstiles as well as the Mantrap offer the maximum protection against any potential threats.

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