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About Motwane Entrance Control

Motwane Entrance Control is India’s leading OEM for Entrance Security products. We offer turnkey-solutions for physical Entrance Control Barriers and Turnstiles manufacturing.

Empowered by its parent brand, our products are conceptualised collaboratively with some of the largest brands and System Integrators in the country. Motwane’s dedication to consumer-centric Research & Development has been at the forefront of its spectacular growth during the last decade. As a result, Motwane Entrance Control successfully installed a wide base for clients across India.


What makes Motwane unique?

pioneers Pioneers
pioneers Innovation
pioneers R&D Facilities
pioneers Global Distribution Network
pioneers Production


We believe in Corporate Governance

As an ISO-certified firm, Motwane is proud to have introduced a company culture that goes beyond KPI’s and deliverables. We believe in operating with a strong sense of governance and ethical practices.


Doing honest work

Creating an environment that allows Motwane’s teams, stakeholders, partners, and customers to transparently work together.

Creating opportunity

Giving everyone in the firm’s ecosystem a chance at personal and professional growth.

Being transparent

Motwane’s accounting practices are at an international standard and completely transparent.

Remaining curious

As engineers, we will never stop solving problems with creativity and the desire for efficiency.

Always going the extra mile

Going beyond what is required to make the ordinary extraordinary – every single time!

About Motwane Entrance Control

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