Mantrap Security Doors

Motwane’s range of Security Doors and Portals are maximum-security products for entrances with extremely critical operations. Proven to safeguard sensitive areas from unauthorized entry and potential threats, while eliminating the need for manned supervision, our Mantrap is found to be the most effective solution in preventing piggybacking and tailgating.

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    Protect your Investment

    Motwane’s Service Professionals are trained to support you during technical breakdowns, and provide the necessary assistance for challenges stemming from local usage conditions or product wear and tear. In addition, Motwane offers specialized maintenance contracts for a variety of client requirements, keeping individual operating conditions, location, usage patterns, and the installed base size in mind.

    Trained by our in-house Customer Excellence Department, Motwane’s teams of engineers is locally available to reduce travel time. As a result, our pan India presence ensures that your site is always serviced with the fastest possible turnaround-time, and the latest technical expertise to maintain maximum uptime.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the use of a Mantrap Turnstile?


    A mantrap is a physical security mechanism designed to control access to a secure area. It typically consists of an enclosed space or room with two or more interlocking doors, where one door must be closed and locked before the other can be opened. This prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the secure area by tailgating or piggybacking, where an individual follows closely behind someone who has authorized access to gain entry. Mantraps are commonly used in high-security environments, such as data center security, research labs, and financial institutions.

    What are the dimensions of the Mantrap Tubestile?


    The dimensions of Tubestile are: Total Height: 2400mm | Outer Diameter: 1020mm | Headroom: 2100mm | Tolerance: +5%

    What types of credentials can be used with Motwane’s Mantrap?


    Motwane Mantrap doors can be integrated with a variety of access control systems, including RFID card readers, biometric scanners, keypad entry systems, and facial recognition scanners. The type of credential used will depend on the specific security requirements of the facility.

    Can Mantrap Turnstile allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material?


    No, Mantrap Turnstiles cannot allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material. In general, mantrap turnstiles are designed for the movement of people. Motwane provides Side Access Gates which are typically used for material movement.

    How does a Mantrap Turnstile work?


    A mantrap requires two or more doors that are interlocked such that only one door can be open at a time. An individual must be granted access through the first door, which then closes and locks before the second door can be opened.

    How to install a Tubestile?


    A Tubestile must be installed on a flat level and concrete base of a minimum thickness of 100 to 200 mm and of suitable quality to accept raw bolts or expanding anchor bolts.

    First, drill foundation holes in the ground for assembling the turnstile system. Then, insert the foundation bolts inside the holes of the base plate. Remove the bottom plate of the system, and fix the main body on the foundation bolts. Check all the sub-assembly parts inside the enclosure. Switch ON the supply and check the functioning of the Mantrap Turnstile system. Once this is done, fix the bottom plate.

    Where are Mantraps commonly used?


    Mantraps are commonly used in high-security environments, such as data center security, research labs, financial institutions, and government buildings.

    Are Motwane Mantrap Doors customizable?


    Yes, Motwane Mantrap Doors are customizable to meet the specific security needs of a business or organization. They can be designed to fit specific architectural requirements and can be integrated with various access control and security systems.

    How often do Mantrap Security Doors require maintenance?


    Mantrap Security Doors require regular maintenance to ensure that they are functioning properly and providing adequate security. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of system and the level of usage, but it is generally recommended to have them inspected and serviced at least once a year.