Full Height Turnstiles

Motwane’s range of Full Height Turnstiles is designed to guarantee maximum safety and protection of critical and high-security areas. Currently offered in two variations, our Full Height Turnstile range is an excellent solution for stadiums, banks, industrial complexes, government buildings.

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    Protect your Investment

    Motwane’s Service Professionals are trained to support you during technical breakdowns, and provide the necessary assistance for challenges stemming from local usage conditions or product wear and tear. In addition, Motwane offers specialized maintenance contracts for a variety of client requirements, keeping individual operating conditions, location, usage patterns, and the installed base size in mind.

    Trained by our in-house Customer Excellence Department, Motwane’s teams of engineers is locally available to reduce travel time. As a result, our pan India presence ensures that your site is always serviced with the fastest possible turnaround-time, and the latest technical expertise to maintain maximum uptime.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the dimensions for Motwane’s Full Height Turnstile Gates?


    For Single Lane 90° Full Height Turnstile: LxWXH = 1500 x 1450 x 2220 mm +/- 5%

    For Dual Lane 90° Full Height Turnstile: LXWXH = 1500 x 2150 x 2220 mm +/- 5%


    For Single Lane 120° Full Height Turnstile: LxWXH = 1350 x 1500 x 2220 mm +/- 5%

    For Dual Lane 120° Full Height Turnstile: LXWXH = 1350 x 2300 x 2220 mm +/- 5%

    What is the difference between Electromechanical and Motorized Full Height Turnstiles?


    Full Height Turnstile Gates come in two variants of inbuilt mechanisms. The first one is Electromechanical Full Height Turnstile which operates on a solenoid-based locking mechanism, while the second one is the Motorized Full Height Turnstile which works on a BLDC motor-based mechanism. In both cases, once access is granted, the user needs to push the rotor to pass through the passage.

    What types of credentials can be used with a Full Height Turnstile Gate?


    Motwane Full height turnstiles can be integrated with a variety of access control systems, including RFID card readers, biometric scanners, keypad entry systems, and facial recognition scanners. The type of credential used will depend on the specific security requirements of the facility.

    Can Full Height Turnstiles allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material?


    Full height Turnstiles are not designed to allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material, but they can be useful for the movement of smaller items such as suitcases and carry bags. For the movement of heavy materials, Motwane provides Side Access Gates, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

    What is the use of Full Height Turnstile?


    Full Height Turnstiles play a crucial role in securing large premises and high-security areas by providing maximum safety and protection. These turnstiles are designed with a floor-to-ceiling height and rotor arms to prevent any attempts of crawling or jumping off the turnstile. They are ideal for locations that require high throughputs such as stadiums, banks, industrial complexes, government buildings, data centers, train stations, and metros.

    How do Full Height Turnstiles work?


    A person approaches the turnstile and presents their credentials, such as an access card or biometric scan, to the reader. If the credential is authorized, the turnstile will unlock and the person can push through the rotating barrier. Once they have passed through, the turnstile will automatically rotate back into position, preventing any unauthorized access.

    How to Install a Full Height Turnstile Gate?


    To install a Full Height Turnstile gate, it is necessary to have a flat, level, and concrete base with a minimum thickness of 100 to 200 mm that is capable of accepting raw bolts or expanding anchor bolts. The installation process involves drilling foundation holes in the ground and inserting the foundation bolts into the base plate. The next step is to fix the side frame and stator onto the foundation bolts, followed by fixing the top box onto the frame and stator. Then, the rotor needs to be fixed with the mechanism inside the top box. After checking all the sub-assembly parts, the power supply can be switched on to check the functioning of the full height turnstile system. Finally, the top box should be closed.

    Can Full Height Turnstiles be used outdoors?


    Yes, full height turnstiles can be used outdoors. Motwane  Full Height Turnstiles are provided with an IP54 rating giving protection against water splashes However, we recommend additional weatherproofing, as they may be more prone to wear and tear from exposure to the elements.

    Can Full Height Turnstiles be customized to match my facility's aesthetic?


    Yes, full-height turnstiles can be customized with a range of finishes and materials to match your facility’s aesthetic. Options include stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and various colourways and logo options.