Speed Gates

Motwane’s range of Speed Gates is a premium entrance control solution with superior functionalities, guaranteeing a welcoming and elegant yet effortless entrance control process. The product’s sleek and slender frame provides a minimalistic design aesthetic to any site, while maintaining the robustness and durability expected of Motwane products, making it a perfect solution for corporate offices and commercial complexes.

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    Protect your Investment

    Motwane’s Service Professionals are trained to support you during technical breakdowns, and provide the necessary assistance for challenges stemming from local usage conditions or product wear and tear. In addition, Motwane offers specialized maintenance contracts for a variety of client requirements, keeping individual operating conditions, location, usage patterns, and the installed base size in mind.

    Trained by our in-house Customer Excellence Department, Motwane’s teams of engineers is locally available to reduce travel time. As a result, our pan India presence ensures that your site is always serviced with the fastest possible turnaround-time, and the latest technical expertise to maintain maximum uptime.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the use of Speed Gates?


    Speed Gates are used for entrance control solutions in buildings to manage and regulate the flow of people in and out of the premises. They are typically installed at access points where security is a concern, such as corporate offices, commercial complexes, airports, and train stations. Speed Gates use advanced technology and reliable mechanisms to ensure smooth and efficient entrance control while enhancing security. They help to prevent unauthorized access and monitor the number of people entering and exiting the building, ensuring the safety and security of the premises.

    How to Install a Speed Gate System?


    To ensure proper installation of a speed gate system, it is important to first identify a flat, level, and concrete base that is at least 100-200mm thick and of appropriate quality to accept raw bolts or expanding anchor bolts. The installation process typically involves drilling foundation holes in the ground for the flap barrier system and inserting foundation bolts into the base plate. After removing the bottom panels, the main body of the speed gate is fixed onto the foundation bolts, and all sub-assembly parts inside the enclosure are checked. The system is switched ON to ensure proper functioning before fixing all the bottom panels back into place.

    What are the dimensions of Speed Gates?


    For Swing Lane Barrier Gate – LXWXH = 1350 x 150 x 1000 mm +/-5% *

    For Speed Barrier Gate – LXWXH = 1400 x 120 x 1000 mm +/-5% *

    (‘*’ Customizable as per our client requirements)

    What is the difference between Handicap Lane and Normal Lane?


    Speed Gates are offered in two separate lane sizes. Wide/ Handicap lanes are offered for convenient entry and exit of disabled persons and pregnant women. Therefore, the passage width for the walkway is different in the normal lane speed gate and handicapped lane speed gate. Passage width for a normal lane is 600 MM and 900 MM for a wide lane.

    What readers are compatible with Motwane Speed Gates?


    Motwane’s Speed Gate systems are compatible with all types of electronic card reader systems. For example, QR code scanners, Fingerprint scanners, Magnetic stripes, Face recognition systems, etc

    Can Speed Gates allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material?


    No, Speed Gates cannot allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material. However, the

    handicapped lane Speed Gate is useful for the movement of wheelchairs and smaller materials such

    as suitcases and carry bags. Other than speed gates Motwane provides Side Access Gates which are

    typically used for material movement.

    How many lanes do I need?


    The Standard speed gate is initially configured with one lane; however, it can be customized based on the flow of people and available space, allowing for the addition of any number of lanes. A combination of normal and handicapped lanes can also be provided, such as 2 normal lanes, 5 normal lanes, or 3 normal lanes and 2 handicap lanes. Our team of experts can assist you in making this decision by providing detailed drawings and conducting a comprehensive analysis of foot traffic at your premises.

    Can Motwane Speed Gates be used outdoors?


    Yes, some models of Motwane Speed Gates are suitable for outdoor use, provided they are installed in a weather-resistant enclosure and have appropriate sealing to prevent dust and water ingress.

    What Happens During Power Failure/ Emergencies?


    In the event of a power failure, the speed gate system is equipped with an inbuilt battery backup. This backup power source allows the system to open the flaps, freeing the passage for people to exit the facility during emergency situations.

    How Do Speed Gates Work?


    Speed Gates work on a combination of BLDC motor mechanisms and highly reliable electronic

    control units. Flaps open and close according to the inputs received from access control systems or

    any type of reader. If access is granted the flaps open and the user is allowed to pass through the passage, if not then the flap remains closed blocking the passage.

    Can Speed Gates be customised to fit specific site requirements?


    Yes, Speed Gates can be customised to fit specific site requirements, including the number of lanes, flap sizes, materials, and finishes. Customization options also include integrating logos, graphics, and branding to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Speed Gates.

    What maintenance is required for Speed Gates?


    Speed Gates require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Maintenance tasks include cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of components, as well as software updates and regular testing of safety features