P Type Gates

Motwane’s Side Access Gates are essential components for every security gate installation. Our products not only enable the comfortable movement of wheelchairs and material trolleys, but also guarantee the highest standard of safety and security.

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    Protect your Investment

    Motwane’s Service Professionals are trained to support you during technical breakdowns, and provide the necessary assistance for challenges stemming from local usage conditions or product wear and tear. In addition, Motwane offers specialized maintenance contracts for a variety of client requirements, keeping individual operating conditions, location, usage patterns, and the installed base size in mind.

    Trained by our in-house Customer Excellence Department, Motwane’s teams of engineers is locally available to reduce travel time. As a result, our pan India presence ensures that your site is always serviced with the fastest possible turnaround-time, and the latest technical expertise to maintain maximum uptime.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the dimensions for Side Access Gate?


    For Pillar Type Swing Gate: LxDXH = 170 x 1015 x 1000 mm +/- 5%

    For P-Type Swing Gate: LXWXH = 425 x 255 x 1070 mm +/- 5 %

    What is the difference between a Pillar Type Swing Gates and P Gates?


    Side Access Gates are available in two variants: P Gates which use the latest PWM technology, and Pillar Type Swing Gates which utilize the latest BLDC’s Inline Direct Drive technology. The Pillar Type Swing Gate features a sleek and modern design that takes up less space compared to the Pillar Type Swing Gate.

    What readers are compatible with Motwane P Gates?


    Motwane’s P gates are compatible with various types of electronic card reader systems, such as QR code scanners, Fingerprint scanners, Magnetic stripes, and Face recognition systems.

    Can Side Access Gate allow the movement of work trolleys and heavy material?


    Yes, P Gates and Pillar Type Gates are specifically designed to facilitate the movement of work trolleys, luggage trolleys, and the transportation of building materials. In addition, these gates provide an efficient access control solution for individuals with special needs or disabilities.

    What is the use of Side Access Gate?


    Side Access Gates play a vital role in a building’s security infrastructure, serving as access control for individuals with special needs, luggage trolleys, and the transportation of building materials. These gates offer a larger passage width, designed to accommodate material deliveries and wheelchair movement. With a compact frame and minimalist footprint, they provide an impressive design aesthetic suitable for premium projects and sites.

    How do Side Access Gate work?


    Side Access Gates utilize a combination of BLDC’s Inline Direct Drive technology and dependable electronic control units, enabling clients to integrate various entrance control systems. The rotating arm or flap responds to inputs from an access control system. If access is authorised, the arm or flap rotates freely, allowing the user to pass through the passage. However, if access is denied, the arm or flap remains locked, blocking the passage.

    How to install Side Access Gate?


    To install a Side Access Gate system, you must have a flat level and concrete base that is at least 100 to 200 mm thick and of suitable quality to accept raw bolts or expanding anchor bolts. Firstly, drill foundation holes in the ground for assembling the gate system. Next, insert the foundation bolts inside the holes of the base plate. Then, remove the front panels and fix the main body on the foundation bolts. Check all the sub-assembly parts inside the enclosure, switch ON the supply, and test the functioning of the gate system. Once you have completed these steps, fix the front panel securely in place.

    Can Side Access Gates be used outdoors?


    Yes, Side Access Gates can be used outdoors. They are designed to function effectively in different environments and are suitable for outdoor use with or without a roof. They are equipped with an IP54 rating, which protects the system against water splashes and rain, ensuring their reliable operation in all weather conditions.