Welcoming new recruits!

Thank you for your interest in working with us. As a forward-thinking R&D company with a legacy over 100 years, we are always looking for talented and ambitious minds with a hunger to prove themselves, carry forward our vision, and contribute to our regional and international growth.

Motwane is committed to creating breakthroughs in technology, and strives to be part of building a brighter future in a connected world.

Together, we grow, learn, innovate, sometimes fail, and more often succeed.

We believe in empowering the next generation of engineers – no matter what age, gender, or background – with the relevant skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges in our market domains. As a result, we collectively work towards innovation and advancement in engineering with joy, curiosity, and resilience. Executing unconventional ideas, experimenting, and never shying away from making mistakes, motivates us to go the extra mile – making the ordinary extraordinary.

We strive towards creating self-motivated, empowered, trustworthy, and responsible teams.

Why you should work with us?

Working at Motwane means working in a company which

  • Encourages its employees to think out of the box, and find innovative solutions
  • Believes in internal promotions, nurturing talent, training, and up-skilling
  • Embraces challenges, and thrives on tackling them with curiosity and expertise
  • Strives for quality in processes, products, and people
  • Plays fair, transparent, and without any shortcuts
  • Values and appreciates all its team members

Learning on the job and being open to new ideas and suggestions make us a healthy and vibrant place to work.

What we are looking for in a candidate?

The Motwane management puts strong focus on integrity, creating impact for the community and the world at large, and embraces diversity throughout all divisions of the firm. As a result, we look for like-minded people who believe in the Motwane Mantra and its journey.

If you are a candidate with

  • A broad spectrum of skillsets
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • The will to take on responsibility and to never give up
  • Never give up attitude

Research & Development

With over 60 years of experience in R&D, constant innovation, and incorporation, we continue to build test and measurement products. Every single product at Motwane goes through extensive and rigorous testing to make sure it delivers a reliable and user-friendly experience. Engineering lies in the core of Motwane product design that has eventually led to the discovery of Motware, a cloud-based Test Data platform to aid in Asset Health Assessment. We offer testing equipment measuring current, voltage, and frequency across the entire range of dimensions to suffice all the technology needs under one roof.

Albert Das


Albert Das

In 2019, Albert Das, a trained engineer from … , celebrated 40 years at Motwane. “ I joined the company in 1979 when I was only 19 years old. As my journey at Motwane progressed, I got actively involved in different departments.

The firm offered me a plethora of chances to learn and grow. If I could advise a newbie joining Motwane, that would be just one thing …

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