100100 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

The Motwane 100100 Baggage Scanner is an X-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 1000mm wide by 1000mm high. This tunnel size is perfect for use cases where large and bulky cargo needs to be scanned. With the MBS 100100 customers can scan both large and small items with the same penetration levels and image quality giving our customers the versatility needed for mixed use installations.

Built for you:

  • Large tunnel size for Bulky Cargo
  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent Image Resolution
  • Intuitive and User Friendly
  • Robust and Reliable

What make us different?

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Proudly ‘Made in India’
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100 + years of Legacy
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Superior Technology & Design
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Motwane’s Baggage Scanners offer a variety of built-in features to ensure safety, security, as well as user-friendly and smooth operations at any point of time.


Multilingual Operation


Automatic Self Diagnosis


Secure Access Key


Material classification and Alerts


Energy Saving Design


Baggage Counter

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    Our team of experts are trained to support you during breakdowns and provide the necessary technical assistance from issues that arise from local usage conditions and wear and tear. We offer specialized maintenance contracts that fit your requirements and operating conditions perfectly.

    In order to consult you on the right maintenance agreement we will consider the size of your install base, the location, and the usage patterns at your site.Our engineers are available locally across the nation to ensure that your site is serviced with the lowest possible turnaround time. Our team is trained by our customer excellence department to ensure strong technical knowledge and expertise.

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