Handheld Metal Detector

Motwane’s range of High Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detectors is an effective solution for personnel security checks in airports, railways, hospitals, malls, commercial complexes, schools, stadiums, data centres, and museums. Guaranteeing accurate detection and ease of operation for everyday use, all our detector products are designed to be robust, reliable, accurate, and long-lasting.

Built for you

  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • User Friendly & Intuitive
  • Shock Resistant & Durable
  • Accurate Detection

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Proudly ‘Made in India’
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Our Flap Barriers are built keeping in mind the harsh conditions associated with Indian use cases. Dust, Extreme weather conditions and Rough usage. We also use the Motwane smart sensor technology to solve problems like tailgating, piggy backing and wrong entry.


Compact and lightweight design which makes our detectors easy to operate, and convenient to charge


Low power consumption (one charge lasts up to 40 hours)


In case of insufficient power supply, an automatic alarm is triggered, reminding the user to charge or replace the battery


Rapid detection times


Different options for high- and low sensitivity


Availability of two alarm modes: LED lights as well as audible alarm / vibrating alarm


Durability through shock-resistance (product can withstand drops or falls from up to 1 meter)


Inbuilt LED signal strength indicator

Technical Specifications


Handheld Metal Detector
Dimension 295 mm (L) x 68 mm (W) x 28 mm (H) ±5%
Net Weight (with battery) 266 gm
Net Weight (without battery) 229 gm
Power Operate on 9V Rechargeable Battery / Dry battery
Working Voltage DC 9V
Indications Green (ON), Red (Metal) & Yellow (Low Battery & charging Indication)
Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Working Temperature –20°C to + 70°C


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    We understand that every sites requirement are different. Being an OEM, we offer the flexibility of customizing our product to suit your exact needs. Let us know, and we’ll get right to designing the perfect solution for you.

    Access Control

    Our products offer simple and easy integration with various Access control systems.

    • Biometric Fingerprints

    • Facial Recognition

    • RFID

    • QR Code

    • Mobile App


    Protect your Investment

    Our team of experts are trained to support you during breakdowns and provide the necessary technical assistance from issues that arise from local usage conditions and wear and tear. We offer specialized maintenance contracts that fit your requirements and operating conditions perfectly.

    In order to consult you on the right maintenance agreement we will consider the size of your install base, the location, and the usage patterns at your site. Our engineers are available locally across the nation to ensure that your site is serviced with the lowest possible turnaround time. Our team is trained by our customer excellence department to ensure strong technical knowledge and expertise.

    The right turnstile for you?

    Every Physical Entrance Control solution must be seamlessly embedded in its unique environment to guarantee maximum protection and optimal safety management. To determine the required level of security, various factors have to be considered, including product size, criticality of operation, expected throughput and volume use, available supervision, and size of the entrance passage. Motwane offers solutions that span various levels of security, such as the range of Tripod Turnstiles, Boom Barriers, Flap Barriers, Full-Height Turnstiles, and Security Portals/Mantraps . Particularly, the Full-Height Turnstiles as well as the Mantrap offer the maximum protection against any potential threats.

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