The Turnstile Boom: Three key benefits of a truly remarkable product


The world’s population is constantly growing, and with it, the need to reliably manage the flow of people entering or exiting offices, warehouses, factories or public buildings; educational and health-care facilities such as hospitals, schools, or universities; and other venues, such as malls, cinemas, prisons, libraries, banks, or concert halls. Who would have thought that the best solution for effective and impactful entrance control management is a product with humble roots, invented in the farms of England.

Three advantages of contemporary turnstiles 

  • Advantage 1: Turnstiles create secure environments
    Turnstiles efficiently manage, count, and monitor the number of people who enter and exit a location, thus elevating the site’s overall security. In addition, the simple act of installing e.g., full-height turnstiles on a location visibly reduces potential threats by sending a strong signal that a building’s entrance is secure and protected.
  • Advantage 2: Turnstiles manage entrances in the most efficient manner
    Venues and locations with intense people flow usually require a high amount of trained manpower to manage, control, and react accordingly to a steady visitor stream. The installation of a simple turnstile system instantly reduces the pressure for receptionists, security personnel, and building managers. Being able to handle up to 30 people per minute, modern turnstiles can be further combined with other forms of manual and digital credentials, such as barcodes, QR codes, biometric systems, coins, or badges.
  • Advantage 3: Modern turnstiles allow you to make better business decisions
    Turnstile solutions that offer a more detailed access to the data it surveys, and that is connected to digital payment systems, offer business owners and managers real-time insight into consumer behaviour, such as rush hours, movie choices, and time spent at the location.   

Let us advise you on the best solution for your needs.

With a global market value forecast of USD 106 million by 2026 (from USD 88 million in 2020), turnstiles are a great and investment-proof solutions for your individual entrance management requirements. Don’t wait, and contact our teams today!