Full Height Turnstiles 90˚

Motwane’s range of Full Height Turnstiles is built to guarantee maximum safety and the protection of critical and high-security areas, especially for larger premises, due to its high throughput. The product’s floor to ceiling height as well as its rotor arms prevent any crawling or jumping of the turnstile. Currently offered in two variations, Motwane’s Full Height Turnstile range is an excellent solution for stadiums, banks, industrial complexes, government buildings, data centers, train stations, and metros.

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Motwane’s Full Height Turnstile is offered in two separate variants: An electromechanical variant operated with a solenoid locking mechanism, as well as a motorized model run by a BLDC motor, with a locking mechanism.


Positive Action Lock


Arm is free to rotate in case of power failures or emergencies


Self-centering arm


Built-in hydraulic damper for smooth operation


Rotor 3 x 120° with bi-directional operational control


Anti-backup technology to prevent reverse operation once the tripod has moved 30° from its home position

Technical Specifications


MODEL MFHS–90 / MFHD –90 MFHS–90M / MFHD – 90M
MAINS SUPPLY 180 – 270 VAC, 47 – 63Hz /
90 – 130, 47 – 63Hz
180 – 270 VAC, 47 – 63Hz /
90 – 130V, 47 – 63Hz
Stand By: <30W
Stand By: <30W
DRIVE Solenoid Operated BLDC Motor Drive
ACCESS TIME OUT Adjustable 1–10 Sec Adjustable 1–10 Sec
DIMENSION (LXDXH) 1500 x 1450 x 2220 mm ±5% Single Lane
1500 x 2150 x 2220 mm ±5% Dual Lane
1500 x 1450 x 2220 mm ±5% Single Lane
1500 x 2150 x 2220 mm ±5% Dual Lane
PASSAGE WIDTH 650 mm ±5% 650 mm ±5%
Fail Safe / Fail Lock Fail Safe
THROUGHPUT 15–18 persons per minute 15–18 persons per minute
10 million cycles 10 million cycles
< 30 min < 30 min
CASE WORK Stainless Steel 304/316*/M.S. Powder coated Stainless Steel 304/316*/M.S. Powder coated
TEMPERATURE –10°C to 55°C –10°C to 55°C
HUMIDITY < 95% non-condensing < 95% non-condensing
WEIGHT 250 kg Single Lane
350 kg Dual Lane
250 kg Single Lane
350 kg Dual Lane
OPTIONAL Barricade, Electronic Counter Display, Push Button, Remote Barricade, Electronic Counter Display, Push Button, Remote

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    We understand that every site requirement is different. Therefore, we offer the flexibility of customizing our product to suit your exact needs. We are looking forward to hearing your requirements from you!


    Our products offer simple and easy integration with various access control systems, such as:

    • Biometric Fingerprints

    • Facial Recognition

    • RFID

    • QR Code

    • Mobile App


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    Our team of experts are trained to support you during breakdowns and provide the necessary technical assistance from issues that arise from local usage conditions and wear and tear. We offer specialized maintenance contracts that fit your requirements and operating conditions perfectly.

    In order to consult you on the right maintenance agreement we will consider the size of your install base, the location, and the usage patterns at your site. Our engineers are available locally across the nation to ensure that your site is serviced with the lowest possible turnaround time. Our team is trained by our customer excellence department to ensure strong technical knowledge and expertise.

    The right turnstile for you?

    Every Physical Entrance Control solution must be seamlessly embedded in its unique environment to guarantee maximum protection and optimal safety management. To determine the required level of security, various factors have to be considered, including product size, criticality of operation, expected throughput and volume use, available supervision, and size of the entrance passage. Motwane offers solutions that span various levels of security, such as the range of Tripod Turnstiles, Boom Barriers, Flap Barriers, Full-Height Turnstiles, and Security Portals/Mantraps . Particularly, the Full-Height Turnstiles as well as the Mantrap offer the maximum protection against any potential threats.

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